So today is a big day. The colour in our little piece of the world is changing. I love this part!!


Alright, so the living room is getting the “Soft Chamois” OC13, and the dining room / kitchen is getting the “Dexbury Gray” HC163. (The yellow tone is there to help me represent the kitchen cabinets wood tone).


Did a very attractive paint swatch up on the wall. Lovely right? Well, trust me, in person it did the trick. Lets hope I’m still happy with the decision about 48 hours from now when the furniture gets shoved back into place and I relax on the couch staring up at the freshly painted walls for the first time. Eeeeee!


This will give you an idea of what we’ll see from the living room. Surrounded by the a soft creamy beige/gray with a view of the bolder, deep, gray-blue.

A pretty bold colour, but that’s the beauty of paint… it’s JUST PAINT! Yipee! Wish me luck!

PS – Never mind the strange furniture placement, we’ve shoved everything together for the painting. However, did you notice something? Yep! The newest addition to the furniture family — the armchairs… Hello! There will be a better shot in the after photos.


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