Paper Wreath

It is very easy to get carried away with the Christmas decorations. I always take time to pause, and wander through the decoration isle wherever I go, but, more often than not, say to myself, “no, you should not be spending money on this… walk away… walk away.”

So when inspiration hits for decor on the cheap, I find what I need, and get going!

In the spirit of being cheap, er, I mean… cost-effective… here is a DIY paper wreath that you can bang out in an evening.

Visit your local dollar store and pick up some plain kraft shipping paper, and an accent paper of your choice (mine was gold). You’ll also need a wreath, any wreath, you’re going to cover it, so don’t get stuck on the details. I found mine at the dollar store for $5. Like mine, you could use a bent branch wreath, but foam or straw would work just fine too. Don’t invest a lot here.

Cut your paper into strips. Just eyeball it, the project is very forgiving. Because wrapping paper is so thin, you can even slice up your strips with a straight edge (ruler), unless you want really clean edges, in which case a utility knife and ruler works great. I would hesitate to use scissors as it would be so much more time-consuming.

Make loops from each strip of paper. Use hot glue to close the loop, and attach it to the wreath. From here, it’s up to you… apply them to the wreath in the pattern of your choice. I decided to keep all my loops in one direction around the wreath. But you could work from front to back too.  I chose to use my gold very sparingly.

I really wanted something simple. I have enough action happening on the mantle, and didn’t want an overload. Too much Christmas from a box can end up looking a little plastic. So the natural paper adds a little relief. Throw in a mini cedar and voilà!

Simple and pretty.

Do you have a DIY you’re proud of? Email some low-res images, I’d love to share it with everyone!

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