Pegboard Art – The Home Depot Gift Challenge

It’s not only the 15th of the month, but its also my first ever Home Depot Gift Challenge! If you haven’t yet had the pleasure… each month, a fantastic group of bloggers, whip down to their local Home Depot, and using the exact same product, create their own DIY projects with their own unique spin!

None of us know what the other is busy creating, until reveal day, so it’s just as much fun for us to pop over to each others blogs, and check out exactly what we’ve all got goin’ on!

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

**This “Pegboard Art – The Home Depot Gift Challenge” is in no way sponsored by Home Depot (We’re just a bunch of crazy-in-love DIYers, with a huge teenage crush on HD).** (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

This month, the item was chosen by Shannon, over at Churchill DIY Mill, and she chose Pegboard, to be gifted to any family member.  Once I had my hands on my piece of Pegboard, I knew my main goal was to pretty it up a bit… okay, a lot. It’s pegboard.

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

Here’s how it all started out. Of course it began with a plain sheet of pegboard. I knew I wanted to make something to display. But I wasn’t sure what. After staring at those fantastic drilled pegboard holes, finally, I had it! It seemed like I could use it as a grid for something fun and geometric!

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

I just needed a few more supplies:

-Yarn (in a few colours)
-Needle with a large eye
-Spray glue

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

All I did to prepare my pegboard was, give it a light dusting of spray glue, and drop it flat, down onto my piece of fabric, cut to size. The spray glue keeps the fabric from sagging or shifting. Next, I used hot glue to fold the edges over the pegboard and hold it in place.

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

Then, the fun part. Use your imagination and develop a pattern with the yarn and needle, stitching over and under your pegboard. Use the drilled holes to your advantage, counting holes right and left, top to bottom, to keep the pattern aligned, and symmetrical.

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

Keep going…

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

Until you have something you’re happy with.

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

My little creation is being gifted to the family cabin, my husband’s wonderful suggestion, where I think it will fit right in with all that rustic charm.

Home Depot Challenge - Pegboard

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27 thoughts on “Pegboard Art – The Home Depot Gift Challenge

  1. What an awesome way to get unique and personal art! Thanks so much for sharing it! Looks so coo;!

      1. Haha! Thanks for the giggle Vanessa! Thanks so much!! And, hey, I hear you… life did not begin this morning, until I had a giant latte in my hands. Urgh… some days, right?! Thanks for the visit, I truly appreciate you comin’ on over! ;)

  2. What a beautiful art piece!! So glad you were able to join us for the HD challenge! I’ll be pinning this for future inspiration :)

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