Friday gave me a little inspiration. Nope, not the day… the cat. My cat. My cat, Friday. She was perched in her usual spot on my bedroom window sill. The sunlight was pouring in and she was hiding behind my grasscloth blinds. This is what I saw:

Immediately, I imagined her silhouette in a frame, and what a cute way that would be to incorporate her into some artwork on our walls. But of course we can’t leave Oscar out of the fun…

The vision for this project all came together when I was rooting through my hope chest and came across a couple of 30+ year old, small plastic frames. That’s me on the right, and my big brother (not looking so big) on the left.

A coat of Krylon Fusion paint fixed the old-fashioned brassiness…

I took my pet’s images into Photoshop and outlined their faces to create their silhouette’s. I printed them out on my inkjet printer on regular paper.

All that was left to do, was cut out their images to best suit the oval shape of the frame, and insert into the frames! Easy!

I think it will be so cute to do one of me and the hubby, and group them all together on the same wall. Now, to keep my eyes peeled for a couple more larger scale frames that will compliment each other.

How do you incorporate your furry family members into your home?

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  1. How cute! It is amazing what a little spray paint can do. In our previous home I had framed photos of our cats in the hallway, but since we moved (and added two more human beings to our family), those haven’t found a new place. I might have to do some silhouettes like this – such a cute idea. :)

    Mandy @ This Girl’s Life

  2. OH that’s fun! I wish my cats would sit behind the shades so I could get a photo. :) I’ve got some photos of them to hang, but maybe I should take a shot at silhouettes instead. I love how that keeps the look coordinated and dressy.
    My pets all incorporate themselves, because they leave fur everywhere!

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