Photo groupings are such a great idea for filling up a large blank wall space on the cheap! I had a bunch of old family photos passed down to me recently and decided to group them together in our living room.

The vaulted ceilings in this room really add to that “blank” feeling. It really needs something substantial. With some affordable frames from ikea, in a mix of wood finishes, and a visit to the photo centre to blow-up the size of some images — we’ve got a large work of art! It fills up the space nicely and lets us share some vintage photos with a modern twist.

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed the Monitor Audio R45HD speaker hangin’ out with my new photo display. In the matching walnut finish of the frames I might add! Yep, the living room reno with fireplace and sound system is almost complete — check back soon to see how it turned out!!

It’s a nice idea to anchor a bunch of smaller images and photographs with a larger central piece of art. Stops things from getting too busy.

Love these old photos. Now they can be enjoyed daily.

Now i think that armchair needs a reupholster… hmm….

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