It’s Spring time. Time to freshen up your surroundings. I thought I’d start with a few new pillows here and there… but what happens when you have a plan, but can’t find the fabric you need?

How about create your own?

I started with finding a pattern I liked, and then recreating it in Illustrator. I tiled the print-out to achieve the size I wanted.

I used a window in place of a giant light-table, and used fabric paint to trace out my desired pattern on the fabric. Here’s how it turned out:

Now for construction…

I decided I wanted to add some piping to give the pillow a little punch.

Here’s a good tip: Add some slits into the piping to help maneuver corners.

Don’t forget to leave an opening for your pillow stuffing!!

And, she’s done! A fully customized pillow, exactly how I wanted it to be, for less than half the cost if I had bought it in a store. Not too shabby.

Share your own projects by emailing me low res photos here!

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  1. Hey Jillian, all I can say is the internet is your friend. :) … I find images of patterns I enjoy and re-draw them for my purposes. It can sometimes be time-consuming… but really rewarding! Thanks!

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