While creating a little “Spring time flavour” in the living room, I decided it was time to venture out from my standard “right-side-to-right-side, four-straight-seams, turn-it-inside-out-and-stuff-it-pillow”.

Yes, it’s a classic, and more importantly, easy… but we all need a little challenge now and then right?

I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but was confident I could figure it out as I went along. Here’s how it went:

Here is the fabric I chose. It is actually an outdoor grade fabric which I thought would be handy as these pillows sit in front of a large window that floods in full sunshine for the majority of the day. Hopefully fading will be kept to a minimum.

I wanted the finished pillow to have a decorative flap with a button on the front. I began by pinning the fabric in a triangular shape, the full width of the pillow, with the stripes perpendicular to the main portion of the pillow.

Hem the edges of your triangular piece and then move onto the next step.

Put the fabric for the pillow right-side to right-side, as you normally would… but this time, pop your triangular piece inside as well. That way when you stitch across the top of the pillow, you are simultaneously attaching your finished triangular piece.

Here is the pillow after sewing all sides and turning right-side out. You can see the underside of the flap here. But don’t worry, we’ll be hiding that later. It’s now ready to stuff.

Don’t forget to leave an opening in your seam to allow for stuffing!

Stuff the pillow to your desired fullness, and then the last step is stitching on a button.

I made two identical pillows and chose to use different buttons on each… but you could use anything decorative here. Maybe you have a pretty felt flower, or a peg style closure… whatever suits your mood.

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