Time for a little recycling, or some may call this project, upcycling. We’re all trying to do a little more for the environment, I think anytime we can keep something from ending up in a landfill, we’re on the right track. You may remember this cutie from a garage sale shopping trip, last month. Well, now for it’s next life… as a planter.

It was found lonely, on a table, with a sticker marked $1 stuck on it’s lid. I knew it still had life, and, like many items under a dollar at garage sales, was likely to end up in the trash bin at the end of the day. Here it is as found:

Cute right? A little damage to the inside was keeping it from reliving it’s original glory… enter, the Calla Lilly. By-the-way, it’s a great time for deals at your local garden centre. I picked this large pot up at Home Depot for under $10.

I added a little gravel to the pot for drainage…

Plant the lilly in fresh soil…

And, topped with a little cedar mulch, for a little more interest (free from our front garden ;))

There you have it. A super cute potted plant, at next to no cost to me. We all know it’s easy to fall in love with new pots at your garden centre, costing us at least $20… This was $10, all in, for this arrangement, and no waste for the landfill.

Keep in mind, a lot of garden centres will take back your plastic plant pots from your original purchase for recycling and reuse. It’s worth asking at your local garden centre for some guilt free planting, all season long!

Happy planting, and repurposing everyone!

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