So it’s no secret I’m not crazy about my front door. It has brass inlay diamond pattern, on top of a faux, snowflake pattern, frosted glass. Not super modern and who wants to think about snow in the middle of Summer?


I priced out just replacing the glass… and, yeah, it didn’t leap to the top of my “To Do List”. I was looking at a couple hundred for each side light and double that for the centre piece of glass.

The cost of replacing the entire door unit with a whole new door was in the “never-going-to-happen” range. I decided after the snow melts this year, there would be paint in my future, while keeping an eye out for used window glass.

Then, this appeared. A HFH Restore Door. A simple, clean, plain glass (full length!), door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Love this place!


It’s a heavy, exterior, double-paned, steel door, and our exact size.


And, the price? Can’t be beat. 80 Beans! 80. Yes, you are coming home with me! It is hinged on the opposite side of our current door, we don’t think it will cause any issues, so here’s hoping the install goes as planned!


Of course, we still have the side-lights to worry about. But for the time being this huge full-length clear glass is going to make a huge difference to our front door, curb-appeal. EXCITED!

Have you been to take a look at your local ReStore? Here’s a little info about how that works. Sounds like a win-win to me!


The ReStore is a retail outlet that sells quality new and used building supplies. Whether you’re looking to fix-up your bathroom, build a shed, or completely renovate your basement-the ReStore offers stunning deals on quality items!

Since ReStores’ proceeds cover Habitat for Humanity Edmonton’s administration costs, your shopping helps to ensure that every dollar donated to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton goes directly to building homes and serving families. Come take a peek at what’s on our shelves – your purchases helps us build hope for deserving families in the capital region.


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