Sometimes, It’s all about the little things. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for sometime now, waiting to find the perfect light fixture for the nursery. And then, it appeared… we found this fantastic light for around $40, at Rona. It is brand new stock, so unfortunately, it is currently not listed on their website, but they certainly have some other great options, and if you have a Rona near you, you should pop in and check it out. Good selection at great prices!

Definitely nothing wrong with the previous light, but a big improvement, without a doubt! (Steve and I referred to it as, the “boob light”). Notice, There is no “before” pic of it on the actual ceiling. I think we were too excited for it’s replacement — kinda feel bad for the little guy. Aww.

The new light has an incredible resemblance to the nursery change table material I used in it’s makeover!

The semi-flush mount is perfect for the ceiling height, and the light given from the light is gentle and easy on the eyes. It’s all coming together folks!

Have any great lighting finds you care to share? What do you think… an improvement right??

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  1. I love the light!

    And as an adopted kid I have to say that’s awesome that you’re adopting :) What a fantastic space he/she will have!

  2. oh, the nipple/boob light. I have replaced MANY, but there’s always one or two more hiding around the house. I can absolutely relate to your search for great light, I’m myself looking for some bathroom lighting and nothing has caught my eye so far :(

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