Show me your tree!

Tis the season. The tree is up, and incredibly enough the shopping is done. You might even spy the gifts wrapped under the tree. I point this out because, this doesn’t normally happen. I am usually one of those people running around on December 23rd, scanning the picked over shelves at the department store, hoping to spy that perfect gift for a loved one. Stress. But not this year!!

She’s normally put up along side the fireplace, but we tucked her out of the way this year as we hosted a party. Yep, past tense (and that was already our second!), but it’s really worked out because she’s visible from just about anywhere on the main floor.

We’ve got a gold and rust theme going on, but the tree in general is pretty traditional. I’ve got some childhood ornaments, some hand-me-downs, and some modern ornaments picked up over the last few years.

One of my favourites, a set of three handmade paper ornaments from a girlfriend. Don’t ask me how she did it, but they are truly beautiful.

I made this pie when I was about 9 years old. It’s a baked dough ornament. It’s made it through a ton of moves, sat delicately on many trees and even survived a few cat attacks.

This, I picked up just this year. Last years stock on sale… 97 cents each!

Another sparkly delight from a couple years ago. When I find something for a couple dollars or under that I love and that suits my existing theme, I jump on it.

What have you got hanging on your tree. Or do you have a favourite Christmas item sitting on a mantle somewhere? Share with us! You can even post your own pics on our facebook page!

Happy Holidays.

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