After that bathroom makeover yesterday, you might be asking. “Nice Jen, but where’s all your… stuff?”

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to the party. Have you seen these shower curtain liners? with POCKETS?? It’s serious shower curtain storage! Soooooo clever!

shower curtain pockets

It’s perfect, and for more than the obvious reasons. Ok — so sure it holds your stuff, and a lot of it. We’ve got 3 people in this house and we all have our own junk and this thing fits it all. Fits everything, and the two giant bottom pockets corral all those ever present kid toys.

Even Better? Those mesh pockets keep everything up and out of the way. So when it’s cleaning day… you. need. to. move. nothing. Doesn’t sound like much, but anything that makes cleaning easier is A-OK in my books. I even get it sparkling, while I’m in there. TMI?

shower curtain storage

Plus… don’t be shy. Keep that curtain open sometimes. When there’s no clutter you can appreciate that freshly scrubbed tub every once in a while.


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