Okay folks, so not all projects can end in cheering and confetti. Now that I think of it, I’ve never had a project end in cheering and confetti. What I’m trying to say, is, I’ve got a fail on my hands kids. Not an epic fail, but a fail.

I had the idea after finding this handy dandy stencil paint at a craft store.

Here is how my little rug started out:

I masked the rug out in a freehand herringbone pattern, with painter’s tape. I wanted it to look irregular, and freehand, and I achieved this by using different lengths of painter’s tape for each stripe (each stripe is 3 tape thicknesses deep) and only using measured segments as a loose guide — no attempt at perfection here!

Next step was applying the stencil spray paint…

Hmmm… A few things made me consider this first attempt a fail.

1. The spray paint itself did not cover a great deal of square footage. After two cans, I had maybe covered a third of my rug.
2. The spray paint, for the price, and after my own expectations, didn’t seem to be the most ideal product for this project. The spray pattern was watery at the beginning and end of the spray, making it messy and wasteful.
3. I think I chose a colour much too subtle, and it’s a colour that ended up a bit “muddy” in the painted areas. Not the best choice on my part.

This weekend I will attempt a fix. I may end up sticking with the same product, in a different colour and a lot more of it… or we’ll see if I can spy an alternative paint at the craft store. I do LOVE that this product is a spray, and from what I see of the dried portion of paint, it’s bang-on with the texture I wanted to achieve (ie: it still feels like a rug, and not stiff goopy paint).

So check back Monday to see if I’ve been successful in my stenciled rug fix!

Got any fails and fixes on your hands? Do tell!

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  1. Oh man! What a bummer.
    I find that for large projects regular spray paint always seems to run out too fast, which makes me question its thriftiness.

    I wonder if you could mix up some RIT dye and brush it or sponge it on?

    1. Yes! I was originally going the RIT dye route with a pump spray bottle, but talked myself out of it after reading through all the directions… not recommended for a rug with rubber backing. Which mine is… but at this point — it’s worth a shot! Thanks for that reminder!!

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