You may remember my rug drama from last week. Hey, they can’t all be winners right? I think I’ve managed to save this one though. This round of involved Rit Dye, a dollar store spray bottle, and the same painter’s tape stencil from attempt #1.

I followed Rit’s instructions for mixing; 2 cups hot water to 1 pkg of dye (I used 3 pkg’s for this project). Allowed it to cool, and then poured into a clean spray bottle.

My original thought for this rug was actually to try out Rit Dye, but I got scared off by Rit’s instructions. Do not use on rugs. Hmm. Do not use on rubber backed items. Hmm. Do not use on synthetic fibers. Hmmm. Check, check, check. I had it all. So, I started out with my fabric spray paint. As you recall, that didn’t work out so well.

With nothing to lose, and with a great reminder from blogger, Borrowed Abode, about the whole Rit Dye thing… I decided to give it a shot. I would add that I don’t recommend experimenting with that expensive rug you’ve dragged home with you, at great expense, from some exotic land overseas. The rug I am using was a shocking $49 purchase from a hardware store, and I was never really pleased with the colour, but I wanted something softer and warmer under foot while having dinner (on the cheap!).

So back to the rug at hand… Here is coat number one:

Yeah. Kinda scary right? At this point I was having visions of rolling it up and kicking it to the curb come garbage day. But, no, I decided to be patient, let it dry and try coat #2:

Okay, looking a little better. I let it dry overnight and then started taking off the tape…

Hey now! I’m pretty impressed with how the painter’s tape held up to all that liquid and managed to keep a nice crisp edge. I think the fact my rug was a very low pile rug, (ie: Short enough that I cannot pinch any fibres in between my fingers) helped keep the dye under control.

I think this could work!

Now that it’s in place, I think it’s a lot more jazzy than the previous incarnation. It’s got a little kick, a punch, a pop! Maybe this rug and I can be friends after all.

What do you think? Have you experimented with rug dyeing? Any tips for the rest of the class? Share in the comments or our facebook page! Best of luck for YOUR next DIY adventure!

**UPDATE**: After living with my rug for a couple weeks, I started to get paranoid about ink transfer. Though, I have to admit I only ever noticed a slight transfer on the bottom of my white sock. Anyhoo… I thought, what can it hurt to take it outside and give it a rinse? Well, it hurt. It rinsed away a big portion of my pattern. Again, my own fault — I think where I had the fabric paint, kept the dye from setting in properly in that area. Where there was no fabric spray paint, the dye seemed to hold just fine. So there you have it. Mistake one: fabric paint. Mistake two: the big rinse (which would of been fine without mistake one). Oooooh weeeeell. What’s a world without a little bit of creative experimenting right?

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  1. Don’t you need to wash out the excess dye? I think one pair of wet shoes across that rug could spread green dye all over your house….

    1. Hey Tina, I think without over saturating the rug, and letting it dry throughly, it’s holding up pretty good. I’ve had the same thought, and tested it by rubbing a clean white cloth across the dye, and the transfer is ever so slight… less than a dark pair of jeans on a white fabric chair. So worries here! Thanks for the question! Take care!

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