Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got…

… I’m just using what I got. Yep, J.Lo reference for your morning today. Well, I am a Jenny, not from the block… but I got rocks. Big heavy ones. Big heavy garden rocks that is. Our (new) front yard had little personality. And… with a new house and SO MUCH TO DO, we want to […]

Backyard – Before and After

In the summer of 2008, after a long winter, we decided it was time to tackle the backyard. Our goal was to create a outdoor room to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Step One: dig up perfectly good sod. Boo. Leveling is the name of the game. Level the black dirt, cover with gravel. […]

Green is better – Before and After

Hmm… House, check. Blue sky, check. Big rock, check. –– but something’s missing… Much better! Some fast colour with fresh laid sod, red lava rock, and a few baby shrubs. Oh, and maybe a tree? We have the luxury of having some fantastic neigbours that help move our tree into place. That’s the husband standing […]