C’mere little doggie!

As soon as I laid eyes on this handsome devil, I knew he was coming home with me. Can you believe he was $13 at Homesense? Yes, thirteen. His little bandana collar is killing me. The only thing that could be better… is if there were two! You knew I couldn’t leave his partner behind. […]

Fresh Find: Joe Nail Polish

Okay, okay, so maybe I won’t be trying out these little pots of colour on my walls anytime soon. But your personal style is just as important as your interiors right? So… for all my Canadian beauties out there… did you know Joe Fresh has nail colours??! And, they are affordable, and they have a […]

Fresh Find: Shelving

I’m loving these beautiful shelving options… all inspired by our pollinating little friends. I think bees are on to something. Boom Hive Wall Shelf – $160 USD CB2 Hive Storage Unit – $79.95 USD Like this post? Sign up for fresh content, and free printables!

Fresh Finds: Superstore

After my latest visit to Superstore (which, for all of you who frequent it, know that this is a, “buy anything and everything, from all the fixin’s for Thanksgiving dinner, to the cute outfit you’re gonna cook it in, and the flatware you’re gonna serve it with” kind of market), I decided I just had […]