How we live Green #LiveBrighter

We hear it all the time. We’ve all got to live greener! That looks a little different to everyone, and I feel like I’m constantly learning new tips and tricks to improve, so I thought I’d share, some of the things we do around the ole’ Fresh Crush house, to live a little more green, and […]

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got…

… I’m just using what I got. Yep, J.Lo reference for your morning today. Well, I am a Jenny, not from the block… but I got rocks. Big heavy ones. Big heavy garden rocks that is. Our (new) front yard had little personality. And… with a new house and SO MUCH TO DO, we want to […]

Our Garden: Nature’s Before and After

After the snow disappeared in Spring, and the grass wasn’t quite green yet, I had to wonder, will the garden actually come back to life? Because, it sure doesn’t look like much right now. Hmmm… Well, behold the power of nature! Bigger and better than last year, and going strong! Let this be proof to […]