12 Months of DIY – Mason Jar Travel Cup

So thrilled to be joining this group of talented bloggers today with our first “12 months of DIY” post. We’ll be challenging ourselves each month with a new material, and putting our noggins to the test to find the most creative uses we can, for each item. This month means MASON JARS. Who knew you […]

Lock of Love

We had such a great time in Paris, and now we have little memento to remember it by, at home. There are many bridges along the Seine River where couples from around the world add a lock to symbolize their love for each other. We got in on that action while visiting. It was fun, […]

Paris or bust.

This is not a travel guide. However, I think Paris deserves a little attention here on the blog since it kept me in radio silence for the last couple weeks. And, that alone was a vacation within a vacation. No email (except to keep in touch with the Kiddo). No phone. No work. You don’t […]