So, I found the cutest little filing cabinet at Home Sense the other day. Price tag: 100 smackers. A bit steep, but one of those rare occasions when I found EXACTLY what I needed and was looking for. It had a pretty big ding in the back so I asked for a discount, got 10%. Not earth-shattering, but better than nothing right? So, 90 bucks. Not so bad.

metal filing cabinet

But, being me, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to personalize it a little bit. I’ve got a specific inspiration for my new little office area, and this will fit right in. (You’ll see that soon, I promise).

teal filing cabinet

I did however, not want to permanently change it. I thought vinyl would be an easy solution. So — here’s the “fun surprise” part. I stopped in at my local sign shop, told him what I was looking for, and he says I can HAVE a remnant piece in the EXACT colour I wanted… for FREE. Yeah, FREE. I love that word.

So — back to the plan! Let’s add a pop of colour to the center drawer. An easy little change, and suddenly I have something that no one else is going to have. Unique and a perfect match to the office plan.

I easily measured what I needed to the backside of the vinyl. (Did I mention I have like 3 feet of this stuff? I love good people, the sign shop totally made my day).


I just needed to do a quick dry fit. Make sure I didn’t mess any of my measurements up.

add navy vinyl to a teal filing cabinet

Then, pop it on there, just like a sticker, smoothing out the air bubbles as I went along…

add vinyl to filing cabinet

Voilá. Cute right?

metal filing cabinet makeover

There might be a chevron stripe in this little guys future along the side. However, I’m leaving it alone for now. Simple and sweet.


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