Thank You Sarah.

Let  me begin by saying I cannot take credit for this idea. I was in a very Christmassy mood, watching the Sarah’s House, Holiday edition — and, she gave me this fabulous (free-ish) idea.

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you probably have some split wood lying around. Why not use it to decorate your front door for Christmas?

And, for added holiday flare — hang some flickering LED tea lights!

I had LED tea lights and small glass tea light holders kicking around the house already. I used some low gauge wire to make primitive and rustic hanging holders.

Simply split a few pieces of wood, into skinny pieces, that you can leave hanging out of the wood pile to use as your tea light hangers.

The LED lights add a bit of sparkle with no concern of a fire hazard. Great when you’re expecting guests — pop outside and switch them on to great your guests with festive flare. Happy Holidays!

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