So, new house + excitement of the move + having a sofa that has seen waaaaaaaaay better days (think rips, tears and cat scratches) = new sofa. And, well, it’s a pretty big purchase. I mean this is not earth shattering news, but it’s also not something you get to do everyday. And, of course, I always like a good hunt — so, I’ve been having a little fun.

Some of the contenders / inspiration can be seen on my Pinterest Page. The GREAT thing about Pinterest is I really felt like when it came time for shopping day, I knew what I wanted. It wasn’t such a random trip — I had focus. Which, surprisingly enough, meant I knocked out the sofa shop in one afternoon. No stress, no multiple visits to different stores. An easy trip around a few showrooms saying no, no, no, maybe, yes. And, scene.

Now, I get to sit back and wait for the delivery. That will be a fun day.

For me personally, I had a few criteria that I wanted to stick with.

1. Upholstered Sofa – the last one was leather, and though I loved it, it did not stand up well to the kitty cat test. And, it really only took a few bad cat days to leave a lasting bad impression on that poor little couch.

2. Anything but white or ivory. Again, loved it when I bought it last time. But between easy clean-ups (enter the toddler), or tougher clean-ups (dark denim transfer), the sofa ended up looked aged beyond her years.

3. Affordable. There will be another toddler one day and maybe even a 4-legged addition to the family in the next few years. I didn’t want to make a purchase that stressed me out (or cover my sofa in plastic), I wanted it to get used, feel casual, and last a reasonable amount of years. So — price had to suit this situation. Which mostly meant I was shopping in the big box stores, no boutique shopping for me.

4. Comfy. My last go at a sofa purchase was very modern, super clean lines, and very firm. This time around I wanted something to plop on at the end of the day. Something that had low profile arm rests so you could pop a cushion under your head, grab the remote and waste an hour in front of the TV before bed (maybe even comfy enough to drift off while the rascal is having her afternoon nap??).

So, there you have it. That was the criteria, and this mixed with searching some sites and organizing my inspiration on Pinterest, made for a pretty painless shopping trip.

Oh, and do you want to see what we ended up with? Here she be…

Funny, I couldn’t find it on the site of the store I made the purchase, but I found it HERE.

And, here is the less-than-stellar photos I took in the showroom…

Choosing a sofa

Choosing a sofa



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