Time for another edition of ‘Behind the Blogger’. Did you catch us last time? This month, we’re sharing our thoughts on design. Ooouu! That sounds like I’m about to drop some knowledge on you — but nope, just going to share my thoughts about how I make the decisions I do, and what works for me. Because, this is my dream job after all — and sharing this stuff with you makes it that much sweeter. Hope you’ll check out my fellow blogging friends posts, at the bottom of this story.

What is your biggest home decor pet peeve?

Urgh! When things are looking pretty, but they are not very practical. It’s the worst to walk into a perfect show home, or see a pretty picture in a magazine but have the thought “that would never work”. Life happens in a home. There is clutter. There is life. There is stuff. My favourite designs plan for those things and make them work anyway. Ingenious storage ideas are my favourite. Here, I used a 9 drawer bedroom dresser as a living room console. It lets us keep all the fun art supplies and other day to day items, in close reach but hidden away.

Living room console

What is the one design item you cannot live without?

Fabrics. They are the easiest way to add a punch to any project, any room. And they are usually the easiest thing to change down the road when you want to switch things up a little, but don’t have the time or money for an overhaul. It’s not practical to spend hundreds of dollars every other year to update a space. But a new throw blanket or a couple metres in fabric and less than 20 bucks, can do wonders!

Bedroom Makeover

What is the one DIY item you cannot live without?

My sander. Hands down, I use this thing so much it’s almost ridiculous. Here is the newer version of my trusty mouse sander. I’m thinking I may need to upgrade to the sawdust catcher! It preps all my paint projects, smooths corners, and nudges wood projects into the perfect fit. Couldn’t live without it.


Your favorite project to date?

My trailer was pretty fun. It was such a complete project from head to toe, but miniature in size. It was a great challenge to work in such a confined space but use all the same design features and functions as you would in a large home project.

Vintage Trailer Makeover

Your least favorite project to date?

It’s already been forgotten. Truth! If a project isn’t working or is a complete fail, I just let it go. I’ve learned the worst thing is to struggle to make something work that isn’t hitting the mark. Ditch the idea, get rid of it, or change it until it accomplishes what you’ve set out to do.

What is your favorite color to design with?

Lately, it’s black. And I know that makes people freak out a little. But in just the right dose it goes  with everything and takes a room just a little deeper. It offers high contrast and a huge pay-off. I even painted a wall in my home black last year (but we’re in the middle of a huge renovation and moved that wall — er, ripped it down in other words… but I’ll be sharing it anyway, someday very soooon).

Foyer Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

What are 3 no-fail design tips that have worked for you?

  1. 1. Everything goes with vintage. Everything.
  2. If YOU like it, go with it.  – Be a free spirit, and don’t get too swept up in trends. If you love purple, and purple makes you happy. Make it purple. You’re the one that’s gotta live with it.
  3. If it’s not working, let it go – You’ll hate it every time you have to look at it, use it, be next to it. So if it didn’t work, as Elsa would say… “let it go”. Hating something takes up a lot of energy, useful energy. Put it to use elsewhere.

Barn Board Accent Wall


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  1. This was an awesome post. I need to buy a sander like your.,.i have an orbital one with a dust catcher but I love to have options. Every project of yours has been great, I enjoy your style.

  2. Haha I just realized I completely did not understand some of the questions on my end. Love your trailer and your 3 fail proof tips. I have a very hard time letting go of pieces though……very hard time. That’s why no one really is allowed in the basement, its my hoarding place. haha

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