This is what my kitchen sink usually looks like. Half finished bottles of dish soap and a greasy lotion bottle working overtime to get us through the dry winter months. Hmm. Looks like a bachelor’s apartment (minus the mac and cheese pot soaking in the sink). Time for my kitchen sink to start acting its age… or my age rather.


Step one, find some pretty glass or ceramic bottles. Check. Peel off any labels and stickers. Check. (If you have a problem with extra sticky labels, try a little paint thinner on some paper towel, rub over the area, and presto! All gone.)


Next, enter the clear mailing label. Something like this or this. Check out Avery’s free templates here, so there’s no guessing when it’s time to print. It’s so simple! Just create your labels with your text and fonts of choice. I decided on “Wash your hands.”, “Do the dishes.”, and “Moisturize”. Print out your labels and apply to your fancy grown-up bottles, and…


Voilá! So pretty! Tip: Apply a second clear label overtop, to protect your work. When working with inkjet printers, your ink will run if wet!


So much better right?! But how about that tray?


Well, if you’ve got some left over Christmas chocolates, you might just have a tin box hanging around the house. Something like this perhaps?


It’s the perfect size, but I wasn’t diggin’ the brown chocolate swirls on the outside.

So, I taped off the inside leaving a small metal border around the inside…


Applied some creamy spray paint (suitable for metals of course)…


Let ‘er dry, and peel away your tape, and…


The perfect sized try with a mirrored effect on the inside! Free of cost, with materials already found around the house! So be sure to hunt around in your cupboards and under your sink. Who knows what you’ll find to reinvent into something useful!


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  1. Great idea! Very clean & beautiful. This would obviously be great in a bathroom as well. I love that you put this together with things around the house – like the tray!

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