Remember this little beauty? It’s time for upgrade #2.

The interior of the drawers were left untouched while I decided what to do. Here’s how they looked to begin with:

I was lucky enough to come across these beautiful drawer liners at Home Sense for the grand total of $5.99 for 6 sheets! A much smaller investment than a roll of wallpaper, and no excess, so nothing to store afterwards.

Since I had no paper to spare, I made sure to measure twice, and cut once. It’s a good idea with an older piece of furniture, to measure each drawer separately, as things can warp over time.

I covered the sheets with a tea towel and ironed them flat so they were easier to measure, cut and work with. (The vanilla scent in the air was a nice bonus).

A quick coat of paint was applied to the interior of the drawers to match the exterior colour.

To attach the paper, spray glue was applied to both the bottom of the drawer, and the backs of the paper. Do this outside if you’re able to, as the fumes can be quite bossy!

Last step: put them back in place. This is a quick project that can easily be completed in the morning, and enjoyed in the afternoon!

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