On our very first viewing of our soon-to-be new home, we had our eyes set on the lighting in the living room. I remember commenting how we would change it right away. Well, fast forward over a YEAR later, and we’ve finally got it done. Funny how that goes…


We zoned in on them right away not because of the light fixture itself (though we found it a little dated, and not our style), but more because of the odd placement. We had two, 4-light, track-style lights shoved up against one wall… and nothing else. We knew we had to switch out our track lights to pot lights.


There wasn’t a light symmetrically placed on the opposite side of the room. There wasn’t a ceiling fixture in the centre of the room. Just these two strange lights beaming down on the far wall.



See what I mean? Weird.

Time to get them out of there. We decided to go with recessed lighting, that way it was streamlined, took away the ceiling clutter, and was easy to mirror on the other side of the living room.


Well, I say easy, but that’s because I wasn’t the one shoved up in the attic cutting 4 new light boxes into the ceiling, installing the recessed lighting, with the vapour barrier, and insulated boxes. Yeah, that was a job for the man of the house. (Did I mention he despises being in the attic?) Love you honey!


But looooooook! I mean c’mon, so much better right? Flush, modern, clean. The white lighting frame blends right into the ceiling, and oh-so-fancy –– they tilt, to add drama to the walls at night, and highlight the artwork and fireplace.

Remember, there was NOTHING originally over the fireplace. Now there is 3 more pot-lights and it adds so much more brightness to the room!


Oh, and the other thing? On an 8 foot ceiling, those track-lights were hard on the eyes! Those 8 bare bulbs felt like they were burning my retinas –– we always had them off because they would literally give me headache at times. It made it a mostly “lamps only” room for us… not super functional.


But nooooow… So. Much. Better. And on a dimmer too! Nice and bright for puzzle time with the kiddo, soft and gentle for watching TV and kicking our feet up, and super for entertaining.


First big lighting adventure? Complete! (We won’t count how many more there are to come).


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