Yay! A new gallery wall. I have actually put a little effort into our poor, boring, master bedroom. It’s been pretty neglected until now. The star is that little DIY chevron paint makeover to an old art piece… but, more on that in a minute.



The bedroom. See what I mean? Plain. Jane. Well, except for those new wall lights! $19 from Ikea. Whaaaaaaaaa?!


I had been living with spackle patches for months before one day I decided I’d had enough, and spent the weekend painting (Behr 710C-1 Parchment Paper).

I could finally move on to the gallery wall… We’ve had this art piece for years. Always loved it. Loved it to death. The poor thing faded terribly in our last home, unable to escape the sunlight. It always bothered me, and I couldn’t bear to part with it, so in storage it sat, for over a year (or two).

Then, inspiration! Maybe I could transform it into something new? Enter the painters tape! Follow along and I’ll help you, transform the art you own!


I used thin tape for a pattern (and a little math), and thick tape to fill in the gaps. Here is my one warning for this project… The taping took for.ever. FOREVER! And it was such a big piece it was totally awkward to keep everything straight.


However, the upside is, the painting, took literally 5 minutes. It was ridiculously fast. And the nice thing about a project like this is you can completely customize your colours. It was coral and aqua for me — a perfect match for our bedroom.


So fantastic, although… that dark frame was starting to bug me a little. It suddenly looked way to formal for the piece. So… I decided to give its super smooth finish a good sanding, in the hopes on painting it.

But then something super amazing happened. The finish sanded right off and turned into this kind of rustic light wood finish! No painting required. It was just want I wanted, I just didn’t know it!


Up on to the wall it went! It was exciting to add a little personality to the room. We really had nothing pretty or interesting happening on the walls in there. Funny how the master bedroom can get neglected isn’t it?

This painting was the perfect scale against the headboard, and a great pop of colour against the off-white headboard and walls.


I went shopping around the house for a few more pieces to add, and we are off to a great start with the room. Yippee!


You can bet we’re not done in here yet. But I’m definitely happy with where this is going!



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