Is it seriously week four of the One Room Challenge, already?! Phew! It’s been a biiiiig week around here. If you don’t already know, we’ve been living in the family cabin for four months (yes, I said months), while we completely gutted our house. And, this is the weekend we move back home! Uhh! It’s so good! And, progress on the little lady’s room has been hopping. Week five should be HUGE, y’all! This week has been about fabrics and carpet, and bedding pillows etc. Let’s see where I’m at…

Cutest forest bedding! Birch tree bedding pillow, comforter set. Perfect for the Kid's Bedroom Design!

Would you just look at this bedding? Birch tree, inky, abstract, crisp, clean, comfy, bedding! And, oh, so stylish! I mean, I would love to have this, never-mind how adorable it looks in its twin size. And we’ve got double the fun for our double twin-bed room! (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

Cutest forest bedding! Birch tree bedding pillow, comforter set. Perfect for the Kid's Bedroom Design!

Am I right?! This is available from the Maison Line from Simon’s Department Store – Nordic Forest, how perfect is that? Next, I’m jazzing up the colour a bit with some homemade pillows. Yep, sewed them myself. (Insert a firm pat on my back, here). Wasn’t sure if I’d manage to find the time… but I did! And, it was actually pretty fun. I have discovered the wonders of the zipper foot, people! Courtesy of my new sewing machine. I finally upgraded earlier this year from my 1970s hand-me-down… and OH!… the JOY! Pillows and zippers are now a snap!

Double sided bedding pillow DIY! Flip them for your mood, that buffalo check is amazing!

And these pillows have a fun little surprise with different fabric backings! My Kiddo called them her “morning/night pillows”. One side is for the morning, and the other is for bedtime. Ummm… of course they are! Exactly as I planned them to be… how cute is she?!

Double sided bedding pillow DIY! Flip them for your mood, that little cloud fabric is amazing!

And, you might be wondering exactly where her room is at. Welp, it might (still) not look like much, but there has been a ton of progress, the doors have been painted, the bathroom flooring has been installed (it’s not a part of the ORC, but it’s serious progress!), and the carpet is sitting there waiting to be installed — that will happen TODAY! Exciting! (The underlay adds a pop of colour, for now). :)

Carpet and DIY, before we can get to the kiddos bedroom design!!

And, we can’t forget all that Minted art! I picked up some frames today for the pieces that I ordered without. These should be hung and looking pretty by the time I post next Thursday!

minted artwork and frames for the kiddos bedroom design! Next up... bedding pillows!

Welp, that’s where she’s sitting now guys! What do you think? Do you think I’ll get it all done in time? We’re getting close to the final push. And now that we’ll be living back home, it’ll be so much easier to plan and get things hung, and styled, with all the fun and pretty stuff. Yes! It’s almost “fun pretty stuff time!” See you next week!

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  2. I absolutely love the comforter! And your two-sided homemade pillows are going to look wonderful with it! I just got a sewing machine myself and am loving all the fun new things that can be made :-)
    All my best,

  3. Fantastic work, Jen! You’ve got all the parts and pieces so it shouldn’t take too long to put it all together once the flooring is installed. If only you didn’t have a million other projects going on right now too. LOL! Good luck moving back into the house this weekend. It’s going to feel like a whole new place!

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