If you had ten bucks in your pocket, what would you treat yourself to? A fancy coffee for you and a friend? A single movie ticket? A new lip gloss? Not me, not today!10bucks

How about a new hanging drum shade light fixture? I know what you’re thinking… Umm, Jen… did you buy this off the back of a truck?

Nope, this lucky lady was wondering down the clearance isle in Bouclair this weekend and spotted this rattan style drum light. Oh! $29.99 marked down from $99.99. Not bad right?


Imagine my glee when that fantastic sales clerk did a double-take on her screen to inform me it had actually been marked down AGAIN… and was now $9.99. I mean, you can’t lose. I think I’ve spent more on gum.

So, home it went with me.

We currently have this five glass shade, very traditional, not-so-much-our-style light fixture hanging over our dining table. Its days are numbered.


Thanks for lighting up our breakfast today little guy. But by the time we’re having supper tonight, you’ll be a distant memory.


Enter the $10 light!! (Thanks Steve, for hanging this at the end of a already busy day). Looks good right?


Here’s a reminder of what it was…


I mean, riiiiiight?! So. Good. I’ve already caught myself walking back and forth into the kitchen and dining room just so I could visit with it a little more.


And, not that you would ever know from the box… but look at the pretty detail on the bottom! Totally softens the bulb while you’re eating for a nice soft light.


We still have plenty of weird lighting in the house to take care of, but this is the best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent. Have you had any amazing $10 finds?? Do share!


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