I write this post holed up in the bathroom. My little one with her naked bum on a towel, her reading seat for the moment… determined to potty train. Is this my last resort? Not sure, I feel like we’ve changed course a few times this week. Changing course has been the name of the game, really, for the last couple years.

While my toes are shoved up against the kickboard of the cabinet, I watch my beautiful little girl (yes, she’s officially a girl now, no baby here!), play with the makeshift play area I’ve created around the “potty”. I’m having a “how did I get here moment”. Life sure has changed since the first time I published a story on this blog.

I have gotten so much joy from writing here. And, when it all began, I never dreamed I would have taken a 22 month hiatus between my last and most recent post. But I guess thats what happens when a little angel gets dropped in your lap in the most incredible surprise arrival ever!

Life just… changed. Priorities rearranged. And, I was all the more happy for it. But now as two years (it seems so much longer now that I’ve typed that), is right around the corner, it feels like a good time to get my head out of the clouds (baby cloud that is).

When you become another human beings Mother, it’s all encompassing. But not in that “overwhelmingly long to-do list” kind of a way, more of a “my genetic make-up feels changed and rearranged” kind of a way. Everything just fell away, without guilt or regret. I was in heaven. Silly responsibilities that could previously keep me awake at night, got a reality check. And, I was happy and in LOVE.

Now, as ridiculous as it sounds, she doesn’t need me as much any more. I mean, lets be real, she’s 22 months old — it’s not like she’s prepping for college or anything… but, she has a desire to be independent, it’s time to let her spread her wings a little bit, and time for Mommy to get back to my own goals.

Hello again Fresh Crush. I’m happy to be back. Ready to make a mess, paint some walls, break out the power tools, most likely make a few mistakes along the way — but most of all, ready to share every step along the way with all of you!

Lets start with the cutest before and after ever!







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  1. I, too, did a double take when I saw you in my reader . . . guess it’s fortuitous that I never ended up cleaning up my subscriptions of inactive posters! :)

  2. I totally had to do a double-take when I saw that “Fresh Crush” was bolded in my Google Reader (when it’s bold, there is a new post).

    So excited to see your projects again (I was always a lurker). But congrats on the wee one. I totally get the nothing-else-matters-now thing. Since my little one was born 10 months ago I can probably count my blog posts on two hands. Sigh. But truly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glad you’ve been enjoying your little girl.

    1. Thanks so much Janna! Yay! I have a new blog to read — great job on your wreath by the way!! Thanks, and congrats on your little one too.

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