Ooooh, a girl can dream.

The best thing about Spring? Being outside! We are outside All. The. Time! It’s fantastic. The worst thing about Spring? All that time outside is making me notice the lack of curb appeal.

The snow is gone, there is nowhere to hide. The upper deck is pretty tired, and has seen much better days. The lawn is plain, not a lot of colour. No garden, no landscaping, just… not a lot of LIFE.

So the plans have begun to inject a little energy into the front entry area.

Here is what we’re dealing with…

The upper deck is original to the house, with a rough plywood floor. The wood stain is a little messy and too red. The front “rock garden” doesn’t have a lot going for it. Nothing is growing and it looks dry and lifeless. The lower porch is uninviting, with utilitarian lighting, and skinny posts.



So… time to let our imaginations go a little…

I think ditching the rock garden in front, in lieu of a longer veranda style deck is called for. It would create enough room for a nice seating area maybe? And, we definitely need a new light fixture. Maybe a beautiful hanging star??


How about colour? I love charcoal. Painting out the posts, front and garage doors are a must. I think it would look great with the red brick fireplace on the front of the house. But how about a little colour on the front door only? Yellow is one of my favourites…


Yes! I like where this is going. I think I’ve just created a lot of work for myself. Hmm…

But for now, I think my big beautiful Mother’s Day flowers will improve our view for the time being…


I found some large wood stumps left over from the previous owners, stacked them up, and popped the flower pots on top. I think they add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ ya?


Thank you for my flowers Miss Olivia!





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