Remember that yard sale (when I ran into the husband)? Ya, it was a good one. Not only did we come home with this incredible wood locker…

wood school house locker

But, we also scored a solid wood side table! A cute shape, and totally functional with 2 open shelves.

wood nightstand with shelf

This guy is getting a little makeover to become Miss Olivia’s new nightstand. (I can’t believe she’s old enough to need a nightstand. But, hey, a girls gotta have a place for her Dr. Seuss books right)?

Then, there was the kids picnic table. A nice addition to her playhouse (a hand-me-down).


Here is how it broke down after getting almost 20% off the sticker prices…

Locker: $40, Nightstand: $9, Picnic Table: $9

Not too shabby. Now for a bit of elbow grease on that side table. Did I mention how much I love solid wood? Sanding furniture down to its original state, prepping it for a new life is my happy place.

refinish wood nightstand

And, after a few hours, it’s getting there. Quite a difference from the original finish… it’s looking pretty healthy under all that stain.

wood nightstand with shelf

Relieved there were no big surprises waiting for me under that heavy brown. I’ve got a little two-toned plan up my sleeve. But that will have to wait for another day… I know, I know, booooo!

wood nightstand with shelf

Yard sales are the best.

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