DIY Purse Organizer

August 12, 2010

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If you’re like me, maybe you have a purse or two of the slouchy variety? You know, that bag that seemed so casual, and fun in the store — and then you get it home, start using it, and realize that it is a deep dark abyss of a pit, that seems to enjoy consuming keys and cell phones?

Do you ever hear your phone ringing while you’re out and about, and say to yourself, “Ah, what’s the point, I’ll never find it in time anyway.” … Me too. I think this little DIY Purse Organizer experiment might be made for you…

So here are the contents of my bag regularly tossed around, and difficult to locate:


A cereal box will come to the rescue as the support for my new organizer. The short side of the box will be the base of the organizer, and the front and back of the box will fold upwards to create the sides of the organizer, and will hold the pockets. I’ve cut the box to size, and planned how the contents might fit here.


Next, 2 equal square pieces of fabric are needed for the interior and exterior of the organizer. I used laminated fabric to keep things wipeable!


I’ve determined the height for the pockets from averaging out the size needed to contain the most common items I carry around in my bag daily. I’ve chosen to make my pockets from the same fabric as above, but you might want to use a complimentary fabric instead. I first cut strips of the fabric in my desired height, and then hemmed the top and bottom.


I then took the strips of fabric for the pockets and sized the pockets by actually wrapping the fabric around the item, and pinning it in place. These pockets are pinned atop the first square fabric piece I cut earlier.




Here are the first row of pockets sewn. Next, repeat the steps above on the second side of the organizer.


Now for that second square piece we prepared earlier. Take that piece of fabric, and join it right-side to right-side with the piece that has the pockets attached. Sew 3 of the 4 sides closed, as shown here:


Next turn the organizer right-side-out, and through the one open side, insert the cereal box cardboard, and sew closed.



Done! Time to load up with all your much needed, and not-so-needed stuff! The interior side will keep a wide open space, in my case, for my wallet


And, the exterior edges of the organizer contains the oh-so-needed pockets!!




And, inside the purse?? Organization at its best!! Just look at everything in its place. Love. It.


I think this project could be easily modified to hang off the arm of your couch for your remote-controls, or perhaps slid between your mattress and box spring for magazines, books, lip balm or anything else that’s getting in your way.

The best part is, this project cost next to nothing to complete, as the fabric was scraps of fabric I already had, and the cereal was long gone, and the box needed recycling anyway. Give yourself an afternoon to get your own purse, bag, briefcase, or tote in order! You won’t be disappointed!

Have your own go-to organizational tools? Share with the rest of the class in the comments, or on our facebook page!

(For those of you who like my choice of fabric, it is Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane in Blue).

42 thoughts on “DIY Purse Organizer

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  2. Els van der Graaf

    Your organizer inspired me to make one for myself. I was looking for something I could use in a lightweight knapsack, so it had to be not so heavy. I decided to use foam, the kind children can make things of. Here in Holland you can buy it in sheets. The measurements are adapted to my sack and it proved to be very handy. So thanks a lot for you idea. This week I will publish about it in my blog. I will make a trackback to you.

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  5. kittyle

    Oh wow…I’ve been trying to think of something personal but useful, to make as Christmas presents for my friends. Thank you sooo much for sharing this Fantastic/Easy-to-follow pattern, I can’t wait to get sewing. Hmm…Maybe I should make one for myself first to ‘test it’?!? lol.

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  7. Heather Feather

    I bookmarked this awesome tutorial a couple of weeks ago, and now that I came back to make one, none of the pictures are showing up! Can you fix it? I love your tutorial! Thanks!

    1. Fresh Crush Post author

      Hi Heather! Thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now, good luck with your project!! I’d love to see a pic when you’re done, thanks again!

  8. Glynn

    I have been looking everywhere in my city for a purse organizer without sucess. Was feeling like I had to order it online, then stumbled across your BRILLIANT idea which I’ll be customizing for myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Rana

    OMG!!!! what a good idea to use cardboard from a box instead of interfacing!!!!! LOVE it!! Will be giving this pattern a go this weekend for sure…. thanks!! :)

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  12. Rosemary

    I really like your idea and I have a suggestion: If you use Peltex I think the brand name is, to interface, it’s very stiff and washable, whereas cardboard is not.

  13. Dajana

    Love your organizer! L-O-V-E! Would you ever consider making some to sell to non-sewers like myself? I’d be the first in line. :)

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    1. freshcrush

      It’s Hilary Radley, NY. I found mine at Winner’s. But, I also found it on-line here and here. Winner’s stock is quite marked down. I think I spent approx. $30 on mine?? The amazon link list’s it at about $90, the handbagsnmore link has it at $40. Happy searchin’ and shoppin’!

  15. ASH

    This is a neat way to organize. I know the feeling of buying a purse and then later having it not work for you .. ugh! I love the fabric you used.

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