Foyer Before and After Makeover

Good morning my lovelies. I’m so glad you’re here. Have I told you how much I appreciate you lately? Well, I do. And, since I can’t have you over for a half-sweet, vanilla latte (my fav.), how about I finally welcome you into my front door?

Let’s get to the Foyer Before and After Makeover, action! Small budget, but I think it turned out pretty great. Let’s take a look at where we started…


If you’ve visited my little spot in the bloggerverse before, you’ve maybe seen me kill off a few “boob lights”. Well, this one didn’t make it either. It was one of the first things to change.

foyer and starburst mirror

… along with the floor, paint, storage… the bannister railing even got a little touch of black to class things up a little.


This is the first view you see, and our home is a “walk-out”, meaning, no true basement — those stairs you see are actually leading up to our main living area… kitchen, living room, bedrooms… that sorta thing. So, we’re already starting out at the bottom, and the ceiling height is a little on the low side (we even have a bulkhead over the front door). So, we really needed to lighten things up a little!


The door to the right as you walk in the house leads to the garage… and it was plainer than plain. It was so sad, with it’s flat white surface and it’s little brass chain lock. Yep… so welcoming, right?!

hang a farmhouse window on a plain door

My basic little door, got a pretty serious dose of personality with an old farmhouse window, turned door decor. That makeover was the perfect example of a plan, that didn’t quite work… but ended up better than expected!

And, how cute is that starburst mirror by the way? $40 at Homesense. Get outta here!? So good!


And — of course, we took a good look at the closet in our foyer this Summer with my closet and bench makeover… and we’re still totally enjoying it! The doors just weren’t working for us…


Yeah, this was a big job…

foyer closet to cubby and bench makeover

But it was totally worth it. We’ve had a few people ask about the functionality, and…  It. Is. Awesome!! The Kiddo can climb up there, and hang up her own jackets, the big drawer under the bench hides all the  little things. And that gallery wall? Hasn’t budged an inch. Those 3M strips are amazing. Just like velcro.

And, of course I cleaned ‘er up for you, but here is a look at how she looks on a more average day…

foyer with hooks

Yep, stuff. Stuff in use. And, it’s not so bad. You see the large canvas bags on the hooks there too? These are AMAZING for all the off-season stuff. The Kiddo’s winter coats (which are about to come out), my snow pants… that kinda thing. Super handy, cute, and no need to banish everything to a plastic bin in the back of the garage. Loving thiiiiis!


Then there was the door. Remember that awesome door from the HFH Restore? Well, the inside got the black paint treatment too… along with the entire interior door frame.

black painted foyer door

And, it’s sooooo good. White walls, black door, wood-tone flooring… nice contrast and so much warmer, and more welcoming. The new light isn’t too shabby either — another $50 find from Rona.

diy copper shoe rack

There’s my homemade barn board shelf… And, let’s not forget my big experiment… this copper shoe rack could of gone sideways on me for sure, but I’m happy to say it’s still there, it’s working great and, (Psst… it usually holds twice as many shoes) it’s so easy to clean under floating shoes. EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Yay me! I might even build another row… maybe.

I’ve got a little work in progress happening with that art piece too… I’ll get around to finishing it one of these days…

Welcoming was the goal. I think we got there. What do YOU think? Please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!



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Master Bedroom Makeover and Tour

So guys! I totally forgot about can’t wait to show you our finished bedroom makeover tour! Remember these fun ditties? Ceiling Fan – Drum Shade Makeover, the DIY Improve Your Art post, the Never-ending Shelving Build, our old friend PAX, and that Gem of a Find at the good ol’ Restore??

Well! Let’s take a step back and see how it actually all came together, shall we?

bedroom makeover

Looks pretty comfy right? And, there’s our almost free ceiling fan upgrade, and our improved chevron artwork. A trip to Homesense handled most of our bedding (there’s that coral again!)…

white and coral bedroom

A few clicks around Society6 scored me the triangular patterned shams. They were perfect! Coral, yellow and black… love ‘em!


And, yes, ANOTHER gallery wall. I have issues, I know. I just can’t get enough!


ikea lighting

Paired up with our gallery wall, is one of my favourite light purchases I’ve made in a while. The Ranarp from Ikea. $20, people! That is a deal, for something so pretty!

mid century dresser

And, there is my mid-century beauty. What a score from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Just a few scratches, which were easily fixed up. So happy I walked into the store that day, because this would not of lasted long! Love it when that happens!


To the left! To the left! A bunch of pretty things, on the shelves to the left! (This has been your Tuesday morning Beyoncé reference. You’re welcome). The shelf arrangement always seems to be a work in progress. But — for now, it’s working.



Loving the coral, black and yellow combo with a few hits of aqua, here and there… against the freshness of the white walls, it’s the perfect mix of calm and bright.


I recently did a little nightstand switcher-oo, with my old teal filing cabinet. I kinda like it. So, I think it might stay a while. More colour!


And, here is what’s left. Our 2 piece washroom is behind the door to the left. We have plans. Pretty big makeover plans. It involves adding a shower in there by stealing space from what was the old closet (see it there in the middle?). So, when the changes get a-happenin’, I’ll be sure to let you know. I have a feeling the bedroom will seem less calm for that… so I’ll enjoy it in the meantime.

What do you think!? Feel free to leave a comment… maybe it’s time for a nap…

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada


Be thankful. Reflect on what you have to be grateful for. Enjoy time with your loved ones.

I am so grateful I can do what I love, daily, from home — with my Kiddo. And, that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to educate ourselves, grow, and choose to be whatever, and whomever we choose.

And, if you’re reading this… I am thankful for YOU! I’m honoured that anyone takes time out of their busy lives, to read the stories I write and share here. I wish you a very joyful Thanksgiving.



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Remove Tarnish from Hardware

Guys! I have my hands FULL at the moment! Remember this lovely thing I happened upon at a garage sale this Summer? Such a gorgeous mid-century china cabinet. But, it needs some work… Sanding for days! So, I’m taking a little break from all that wood dust, and I’m moving onto the hardware. And… I need to remove 60 years of tarnish from this hardware. Yikes.

I had a few methods floating around in my noggin… I remembered my Mom using ketchup on silverware, and I’m sure I’ve seen people soak hardware in good ol’ Coca-Cola for a day. And, then there is the one where you boil water with baking soda? I think?

But, last week I finally got around to cleaning out my broom/cleaning closet and remembered I had a little Bar Keepers Friend kicking around in there. I’ve only ever used it on my ceramic stovetop… but didn’t it say something about brass??

Yeeeeah it did!


Look at that shine! And, it was actually pretty easy. Grab your hardware, Bar Keepers, a damp cloth, and maybe some paper towel. Oh, and if your hardware has some nooks and crannies, a skewer (or maybe a wire brush) might be handy too.


One of these things is not like the other… and it only took about 5 minutes to remove the tarnish!


First, I applied the Bar Keepers to the hardware, and let it sit a minute, just a minute… it starts working fast! Then I grabbed my cloth and started rubbing. My hardware was pretty dark… so I actually repeated this process.

I used some paper towel wrapped around a bbq skewer to push into the little nooks under the handles.

Then I gave them a quick scrub under water. I actually used a SOS pad, and that gave them a little extra shine. Dry them off, and you’re done.


Blingy blingy. They still have a little patina in the rope detail on the edges which I actually really like. Totally a step in the right direction of honouring the age of my lovely vintage cabinet, but letting her shine a little — and give her another 60 years.


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DIY: Vintage Lamp Makeover

So. I’m loving the wifi at Starbucks today! Geez… you don’t know how much you rely on your internet connection until it’s gone! Well, it smells good in here, and it’s a nice change of pace, watching people come and go all day.

Okay my lovelies… time to get this post up and running! I came across these two, dusty, wooden lamps in a garage sale this Summer — It’s Vintage Lamp Makeover time! I had one of those weird “vision” experiences when you know EXACTLY what you want to do to them — and, the vision does not waiver, change, or adjust. It’s what’s going to happen, and that’s all there is to it.


First, the shades had to go. (I actually have a little plan for these too) They were a very traditional shape, and covered in a dust-catching micro-suede. Not jiving with my plans, so away they go!


Everything got a good cleaning, and then I taped everything up. I just wanted to add a little “gold-dipped” detail. So I used the painter’s tape to create little “slices”, where they seemed to fit. You’ll see that in a minute…


The top of the lamp is where I wanted to add a splash of colour. I wanted to take these from really traditional retro lamps, and change them in to vintage-inspired, modern candle-stick lamps. Ya? You with me??


Rustoleum spray paints are so awesome for these little projects. Great for wood, plastic, wicker, metals… you kinda can’t go wrong. I had this robin’s egg blue kicking around and thought it’d be perfect!


It was SO FUN pulling all the tape away. That has got to be one of my most favourite things in the world to do. That physical experience to reveal a transformation?? This must be why I watched EVERY episode of “What not to Wear“. Love it!





The only thing better than doing this once, is doing it twice!


It worked out so well. And, it took about a day, between taping, and paint coats, and dry time… not bad, right?


This gives me energy! Saving a piece and giving it NEW life! I’m pretty stoked on my new “candle stick” lamps. And, I’m crazy for metallics, right now, so they are fitting right in.

Let’s take a closer look…


Remember how they started? Forgotten and dusty…




Now they are so bright and cheery — Love a fresh transformation! Have you made any great rescues lately? I’d love to see! Share in the comments!



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