Ugly Fan to Modern Drum Shade in 5 Minutes


This takes the cake as the easiest light change… ever. Yes, ever. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner!


So I have one of these. We’ve all seen them. Some of us have them, and thankfully I have one less. This has been staring down at us all year, right over the bed. UGLY. But… needed. Those long and hot Summer days can make for some uncomfortable temperatures at night. So this beauty isn’t going anywhere.

I have seen fans outfitted with a glass drum shade for a couple hundred dollars in the lighting section of the hardware store. I could never pull the trigger because even if I wanted to shell out the bucks, the scale was off with the light and the fan, and I never really liked them anyway.

So there I was staring at my fan one day, inspired by my last lighting makeover adventure, and knew there had to be something I could do.


Do you know your fan should have this little nut that screws out of the centre of your fixture?




Yep, there it is right there. You can see the nut in my hand. Ignore the bolt and adaptor. I had those at the ready while I experimented with ideas for the light.

Turns out (this might blow your mind), all you need to do is:

  • Remove the old tri-light glass covers
  • Unscrew that nut from the middle of your ugly fan light
  • Thread a drum shade onto the stem
  • Screw the nut into place to hold the drum shade in place
  • And then, well… there’s no “and then”… it just is. That’s it… you’re done. Drum shade attached!

My only little extra was to replace my cheap plastic pulls with some crystal cut glass pulls. Total investment… 10 beans.


(It’s worth mentioning you’ll need a “spider” style drum shade. Mine had 3 arms which worked fantastic for fitting them over the 3 bulbs. The centre of the spider slipped right onto the threaded bolt in the middle of the fixture, and the nut holds it in place).


Total. Improvement. Pictures just can’t do it justice because it actually changes the whole feeling of the room. It went from this purely function-only, don’t-look-at-me-fixture, to a pretty addition to the room. It’s a piece of the puzzle, instead of this thing I’m trying to ignore.

Oh, and the fact that it took ZERO electrical maneuvering, and literally took 5 minutes to get the job done, was kind of the best thing ever.

Here’s an extra tip… if you need a little more post length to fit your drum shade to your fixture, you can use a post adaptor. This is what you’re looking for:


I found this one in the lighting aisle at the hardware store (during another lighting project). Everything was in this package with the lighting posts:


And, here is how it would look put together when attaching your drum shade to your fan ceiling fixture:


Good luck updating those ceiling fans people! Make ‘em pretty!



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Restore(d) Door

So it’s no secret I’m not crazy about my front door. It has brass inlay diamond pattern, on top of a faux, snowflake pattern, frosted glass. Not super modern and who wants to think about snow in the middle of Summer?


I priced out just replacing the glass… and, yeah, it didn’t leap to the top of my “To Do List”. I was looking at a couple hundred for each side light and double that for the centre piece of glass.

The cost of replacing the entire door unit with a whole new door was in the “never-going-to-happen” range. I decided after the snow melts this year, there would be paint in my future, while keeping an eye out for used window glass.

Then, this appeared. A simple, clean, plain glass (full length!), door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Love this place!


It’s a heavy, exterior, double-paned, steel door, and our exact size.


And, the price? Can’t be beat. 80 Beans! 80. Yes, you are coming home with me! It is hinged on the opposite side of our current door, we don’t think it will cause any issues, so here’s hoping the install goes as planned!


Of course, we still have the side-lights to worry about. But for the time being this huge full-length clear glass is going to make a huge difference to our front door, curb-appeal. EXCITED!

Have you been to take a look at your local ReStore? Here’s a little info about how that works. Sounds like a win-win to me!


The ReStore is a retail outlet that sells quality new and used building supplies. Whether you’re looking to fix-up your bathroom, build a shed, or completely renovate your basement-the ReStore offers stunning deals on quality items!

Since ReStores’ proceeds cover Habitat for Humanity Edmonton’s administration costs, your shopping helps to ensure that every dollar donated to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton goes directly to building homes and serving families. Come take a peek at what’s on our shelves – your purchases helps us build hope for deserving families in the capital region.


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Our Mad Men moment – vintage TV rescue


So this is pretty clever. And sadly, it has absolutely nothing to do with me so I can’t take any credit at all. This is all Steve.

He found this old retro TV at the dump, and was inspired. My kind of guy.


What if he could get this old beauty working again?… Sort of.


But first… rip it apart. Remove the front, pop off the back, and get that old tv tube outta there.


Ok, so here’s the thing. Old tubes apparently store energy from the last time they were plugged into a power source. And there’s this coil… that if you touched it? Well, it would be bad. So you have to purge all the stored energy.


There is both vacuum stored energy, and the electrical stored energy. I won’t try to explain, since, first, I did not actually do any of this, and secondly, if you plan on doing this yourself (not likely), you should probably do your own extensive research to ensure you’re handling your particular TV model appropriately.


Ok, so enough disclaimer talk. Just be careful y’all.

So here is the removed tube. Smell ya later! The plan was to replace it with a working TV hidden within the unit. What Steve ended up doing was using a computer monitor. But more on that in a minute.


First was how to disguise the modern tv within the retro tv. Here he took some plexiglass cut to size to mimic the old tv tube glass. Then –– here is the really clever part –– he spray-painted black all around the edges and made sure to feather it out.


Then he heated it up with a blow-torch and used the old tube as a weight to shape the plexi-glass to create a new “retro-inspired” tv tube glass front. Genius!


His final step was to add some frosted spray paint across the entire piece of plexi-glass to give the tv that foggy retro-vision. Here he is dropping it into place onto the original tv frame.




So, now the new tv part — well, it actually ended up being a computer monitor. The bad thing about that? The sound needs to be routed through external speakers. The good thing? It was purchased on the cheap, it fit a lot better than a larger tv, and we think its better designed for longer running times.


So… new tv inside old tv, and presto! … Wait… alright, so right now it’s just a new tv sitting inside an old tv box. But, hang-on!


You add the super genius retro-fied plexi-glass into the original frame, and start rolling some vintage tv clips… and its like you’ve stepped back in time. I can almost feel what it must of been like to change the channel… by actually walking over to the tv! (Not that I’m old enough to remember that… yes I am).


This little beauty is sitting in the showroom of the Ski-Doo dealership, where Steve works, playing — you guessed it — VINTAGE Ski-Doo commercials. So good, right?


And to think this little guy was started out in the trash. Hmm… pretty clever.

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It’s Hammer Time

This may be the only makeover in history (my history anyway), where the only tool necessary –– was a hammer.

Remember this dresser? Yeah. The Kiddo’s first. It had a pretty big makeover back in the day. As I remember, this dresser had been through 4 little kids before Miss O (a hand-me-down)… and it was showing it’s age. One drawer was beyond repair. But other than that, it was hanging in there. Not suitable for a toddler anymore… but I was sure it still had a place somewhere.


Then I remembered our little TV set-up in the downstairs rec room. It was a little sad, with the TV and components lined up on an old coffee table in the corner. This could work out.

Enter the hammer.


4 drawers were fine. So I decided to fashion the top two drawer spaces into shelving for our TV components. This was easy. If you want to follow along at home, here are the instructions:

1. Grab hammer.

2. Smash hammer into busted up drawers.

3. Throw away pieces of drawers except for the drawer face.

4. Place drawer face on drawer slider rails to create shelf.

5. Use new shelves.


Oh, and maybe drill some holes for your component wiring.



Yep. That’s it. Makever, hammer-style. I could get used to this!


If only they were all this easy.


The surviving drawers are great for the extra remotes, cables, and kid movies. Perfecto.


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Shady Business

I have a thing for these lights… getting rid of them that is. If you’ve been following along with me on this little blog, I’ve had a few of those “boob” lights as I call them, in my sights a few times. And, they don’t often last long.


This one had a immitation red spray-paint looking finish to it. Trying to be bronze maybe? Not sure. Whatever it’s trying to be — it’s not working. It’s time to break up.


So here’s the thing. Once I started to take the light apart, I thought there HAS to be something that can be done with this light. Once the shade is off, its just a couple of burning bulbs sitting in a fully-functioning light fixture. No more “boob”. But how do I cover up the bulbs?


A-Ha! A lamp shade. I had a couple of those taking up space in my storage room. Win-win. Pop a shade on there and badda-bing, new light AND more room in my storage room.


Hmm. First attempt was kind of a dud. The shade didn’t match up with the light base closely enough, the colours were weird together and without a diffusing panel on the bottom, the light looked like it was about to beam me up, to hang with Scotty.


So, that gave me two main problems. I really want to be able to flip the shade over, so the metal frame is on the bottom and can then hold a diffuser panel. And, second, improve how the fixture base looks with the shade.

My problem solving included about 20 minutes of just sitting and staring up at the ceiling (while the kiddo talked me into participating in assembling a few puzzles on the floor beneath).

Then, my a-ha moment. I had switched out a light in the hallway that was strangely identical to this light, only… wait for it… smaller! Perfect! That meant I should be able to switch the light base to the smaller one, and it will tuck nicely into the shade. Much better scale.


But what about the weird red colour? Enter paint! Two quick swipes of some black paint I already had kicking around took care of this, quickly. (*I was careful to keep the paint to the outer edge only. Away from any electrical and away from any heat source*).


Okay, it’s getting better… but the shade… how do I flip the shade?? The post in the centre of the original light fixture was way too short to reach the bottom of the shade.

Off to the hardware store I went. And I found EXACTLY what I needed! Yes. Love it when that happens. Go figure, the lighting section carries accessories and parts you may need when fixing/creating lighting.

Like… extra long metal posts, and a new decorative screw cap to hold the shade in place. Under $10 later, and I’m done.


Once I got everything home, I dry fit everything one more time.





I took a little measurement of what needed to be trimmed off the metal post, and marked it with some tape.


The hacksaw took care of trimming the post. Another dry fit, and decided –– I didn’t like the shade I was using. Boo. Lucky for me, I had another one kicking around…


Mmm… much better…

Now, to find the diffuser panel. Right… THAT they did not have kicking around the hardware store. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was obviously worried about it being a material that was suitable for the heat from the bulbs, and did not pose any fire hazard. Then… I passed by the giant fluorescent light panels… for $4? Seems promising…


I traced my shade, and made my cuts. Wait… I made that sound easy. I traced my shade, and tried 3 different tools to test out how to cut through this strangely fragile… plastic? I’m not sure what it is.


I shattered my way through the panel with the first few cuts. I was definitely headed toward an epic fail.  Then, success! Tin snips. But even they only worked in one direction, and with a very gingerly touch.


We got there (even if there is a few lingering imperfections). I was able to file down most of the rough edges. It’s not perfect, but shhh! If you don’t mention it, no one will ever notice. If I find myself repeating this project in the future, I will definitely find something else to use.

Ok, so the hard part is over. Now, it’s just time to assemble this baby, and we’re done…




See? Paint, longer post, and diffuser panel. Done, done and done. Now I have a “new” light for… about $15. (Of course, I’m not including the cost of the shade, or paint, as I already had them around the house).

Got any light issues you’ve tackled around the house? Link them up in the comments section — we’d all love to see!




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Dear Laundry Room, I miss you.

This is the laundry room in our last house. Remember this one? Let me have a moment here… Mmm.


I loved it. But it wasn’t always this nice…


It started out like this…


We have a new laundry room makeover on our hands… and it’s kinda hurting. First of all, it is obviously also being used as a storage room, which is fine –– but, I’m sure we can come up with some better solutions than this.



There are two less-than-stellar lights in there, but worse than that, there is a super strange bulk head to deal with. One light is on the lowest portion, and the other is on the upper most ceiling, right above the washer and dryer (a fancy boob light no less). And, of course we’ve got another storage shelf crammed in there.

Yep, a far cry from our last home. I will need to put my thinking cap on for this one…


There is a possible more in-depth renovation in the years to come, but nowhere in the immediate future. So, the cost of changing the current laundry room has to be low. But, it needs to have the impact needed to make the space that much more usable, and let’s face it, more pretty, for the next couple years.

The #1 thing I miss from the old laundry room? Having the front load washer and dryer LIFTED off the floor. It is cumbersome dealing with the laundry a few inches off the ground.

The #2 thing I miss? The light. Our last laundry room was on the first floor and though it did not have a window… light flooded in from the main level. This current laundry is at the end of a dark windowless hallway, and only has the odd bulkhead light, and the oh-so-fancy boob light. Not to mention the paint is a dingy yellow. Not so bright.

The #3 thing I miss? FUNCTION. Pretty obvious by the photos above, it could be improved.

And, last but certainly not least. #4? The Pretty. There are many things this laundry room is but, pretty, is not one of them.

Something like this could work… add second hand upper cabinets for hidden storage, we could try for a couple decorative/functional baskets up top. Definitely lift up the machines, and possibly add a counter top for a bit of folding. Maybe even splurge on a little bit of backsplash tile for “the pretty”!?


As for that awkward bulkhead… we could possibly ditch that light all together, and focus on getting a larger, brighter fixture over the washer and dryer. And then that would free us up to put in some perfectly sized built-in shelving under the bulkhead near the door.


Thinking cap on… Pinterest here I come!



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Track lights to Pot lights

On our very first viewing of our soon-to-be new home, we had our eyes set on the lighting in the living room. I remember commenting how we would change it right away. Well, fast forward over a YEAR later, and we’ve finally got it done. Funny how that goes…


We zoned in on them right away not because of the light fixture itself (though we found it a little dated, and not our style), but more because of the odd placement. We had two, 4-light, track-style lights shoved up against one wall… and nothing else.


There wasn’t a light symmetrically placed on the opposite side of the room. There wasn’t a ceiling fixture in the centre of the room. Just these two strange lights beaming down on the far wall.



See what I mean? Weird.

Time to get them out of there. We decided to go with recessed lighting, that way it was streamlined, took away the ceiling clutter, and was easy to mirror on the other side of the living room.


Well, I say easy, but that’s because I wasn’t the one shoved up in the attic cutting 4 new light boxes into the ceiling, installing the recessed lighting, with the vapour barrier, and insulated boxes. Yeah, that was a job for the man of the house. (Did I mention he despises being in the attic?) Love you honey!


But looooooook! I mean c’mon, so much better right? Flush, modern, clean. The white lighting frame blends right into the ceiling, and oh-so-fancy –– they tilt, to add drama to the walls at night, and highlight the artwork and fireplace.

Remember, there was NOTHING originally over the fireplace. Now there is 3 more pot-lights and it adds so much more brightness to the room!


Oh, and the other thing? On an 8 foot ceiling, those track-lights were hard on the eyes! Those 8 bare bulbs felt like they were burning my retinas –– we always had them off because they would literally give me headache at times. It made it a mostly “lamps only” room for us… not super functional.


But nooooow… So. Much. Better. And on a dimmer too! Nice and bright for puzzle time with the kiddo, soft and gentle for watching TV and kicking our feet up, and super for entertaining.


First big lighting adventure? Complete! (We won’t count how many more there are to come).


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Entryway Barn Board Shelf

This is a fun one today, sort of a project within a project. First — I wanted barn board. Only one problem — I had no barn board. But that’s no reason to change plans right? I decided to make my own… somehow.

Then I started hearing it was actually pretty easy. And, it was. Here is my version…

Grab some white vinegar, put it in a bucket, add steel wool to that bucket and let it sit a while. For me a while meant about an hour, because I’m impatient like that. But — I’ve heard you should let it sit overnight.


The steel wool reacts with the vinegar and creates a stain of sorts to apply an aged patina to your wood. I was using Pine, 1 x 6′s, fresh from the hardware store. Nothing rare or exotic there.

My one mistake? I used a bowl I had no plans on throwing away after. Mmmm, I wrecked my bowl. I threw it away. Boo. So, I recommend finding an old plastic bucket instead. Whoops.

Grab some rubber gloves, and use the steel wool directly against the wood to apply the “stain”. I used the steel wool for at least the first coat, then moved onto a paintbrush.


Here is my naked Pine ready to go…


And, here is my steel wool / vinegar concoction…


Now here is where opinions seem to differ. To tea or not to tea. I’ve heard if you make strong tea, and apply it to the bare boards as a first step — the tannins in the wood react with the tea, improving the “aged effect”.

I decided to do it, (applied it with a paintbrush) however, I’m not convinced it made a difference. But I think it may depend which kind of wood you are using.

Here it is, about 15 minutes after my first vinegar/steel wool application:


And a few hours later and 4 coats later, I had this:


Looking pretty good, but if you plan to stop here, don’t apply any spot applications, you can see that it leaves a noticeable difference in those areas. Luckily I had a few more steps in my future, so it was A-OK.

On to the next step. I wanted my barn board to look like I had actually ripped it off a broken down farmhouse. One that had possibly seen a few different paint applications.

So I took some white latex paint and added a few swipes to the boards.


Then, I took a fun turquoise latex paint colour and added a few more swipes. Then I was forced to be patient. It was important everything was nice and dry. I left it overnight.


The next step was the fun part. I grabbed my hand sander and gave the boards a good workout, giving them a nice worn out look. And they looked perfect. I couldn’t be more happy with them, and even though the process takes some time, each step is so easy. This is truly something anyone can do. No experience necessary!


Cool right? Ok, so now I have my super fun boards. It was time for part two of my project within a project… my front door shelf / landing strip.

Two boards, about 3 feet long, were the perfect size for corralling all the keys, and mail, and other junk that manages to make it through the door with us each day.


I connected the two boards together on the underside with a smaller piece of particle board, and screwed it in from the bottom — so everything stays tidy and hidden.

One small shelf bracket for support, and a few tiny “L” brackets, anchored, and attached to both walls, holds the shelf in place. Everything is lightweight and the perfect scale for the front foyer.


The turquoise paint ties in perfectly to the fabric I’m using on the bench on the other side of the room (I’ll show you soon I promise!).


Simple. Easy. Clean. Functional. Annnnd, it never looks this tidy! … but we try.


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Previously Loved Oak Table and Banana Chairs

Yippee! We finally found a nice big dining table. Thanks to Kijiji, and thanks to the adorable family that had to let it go. They said there were a lot of good memories attached to this table, and they were sad to see it go, but I was happy to inherit the good energy.

I had been on a bit of a hunt for a while. We’ve been doing a lot of the big family holiday hosting lately and I was getting a little tired of smashing all of us into our spots at our old dining table. It was pretty cozy for 8 adults, and not to mention some of the little ones aren’t so little anymore.

This baby sits 10 comfortably and our breakfast bar seats the 3 little guys just fine, with room to spare.


However. This table has seen some love. The top is due for a complete refinishing. But, she’s sturdy.

So I’ve been thinking… dark stain with white legs?


Yellow painted legs? (There are a lot of yellow accents in the adjacent living room, and I’ve been looking to bring it into the kitchen/dining room).


Fully painted, white top, yellow legs?


It’s fair to say I’ll be pondering this one for a little while. But in the meantime, I have chairs!

And, holy moly, what a deal! I have seen this chair going for over $200 each. JYSK had a sale and 6 of these little pretties came home with me for $70 a pop. YAY!


See that espresso leg? That had me leaning towards the dark stain top with white leg, for the table… but… like I said, I’ll give it a little more thought.


Nice pairing right? Well next up is the bar stools. They currently have a black faux leather on the seat and back. I think it’s a great opportunity to add some pattern, so I’ve pulled a couple fabrics to replace the backs. So I’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing the new table finish.


Here’s a shot of the placement of all the chairs in the room. Preeeeetty close to one another. Oh! And those cabinets… yeah… they’re getting painted this Summer too… and, maybe the floors… Eep! Lots of work ahead…




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Hidden Storage, who knew?

After that bathroom makeover yesterday, you might be asking. “Nice Jen, but where’s all your… stuff?”

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to the party. Have you seen these shower curtain liners? with POCKETS?? Soooooo clever!


It’s perfect, and for more than the obvious reasons. Ok — so sure it holds your stuff, and a lot of it. We’ve got 3 people in this house and we all have our own junk and this thing fits it all. Fits everything, and the two giant bottom pockets corral all those ever present kid toys.

Even Better? Those mesh pockets keep everything up and out of the way. So when it’s cleaning day… you. need. to. move. nothing. Doesn’t sound like much, but anything that makes cleaning easier is A-OK in my books. I even get it sparkling, while I’m in there. TMI?


Plus… don’t be shy. Keep that curtain open sometimes. When there’s no clutter you can appreciate that freshly scrubbed tub every once in a while.


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It’s a party in the bathroom!

Cel-e-brate good times, c’mon! Yes, today is good. Two words… Bathroom. Reveal. OH! I wanted to change this bathroom (aka: our main bathroom, aka: our only shower bathroom, aka: the guest bathroom) from the day we moved in.

Want to see it? Ok, here’s a taste…


But wait! Lets start at the beginning…


It was functioning, just showing some age. The mirror was worn and showing black spots, the light fixture never really worked properly, and the vanity had a bleach stain. The cabinet was in good shape but a little straw yellow for my taste.


The flooring was peeling under the cabinet and wasn’t our favourite. Does it look familiar? The TP holder wasn’t the most functional (especially for a freshly potty trained toddler), and the baseboards and mouldings could use a little beefing up while we’re at it.

The wall colour was a little pink and dingy. But nothing came close to the tub & shower surround. Water stained (with well-water to boot), it was short, & framed out with wood (not super practical), generally cheap looking, and time to go.


So, I genuinely thought I would need to save for a long time to get the bathroom I really wanted. But I also knew, I couldn’t wait that long. So a new tub surround it would be for me. And, tub surrounds are kind of awesome these days! I went with a company called Bath Solutions. Locally owned in our city too, which was nice. Affordable and fast!

Err… when I say fast, I mean fast! Like you greet them in the morning, and they’re gone by supper time. Wooooot!

I was actually a little unprepared for it. I barely squeezed in a couple “before” shots, and things were already getting ripped out. But I didn’t mind… like, at all. I’ve been waiting for this old tub surround to get gone, for a long time …


Mmmm… Buh-Bye water stains…

So, next up… the vanity! We totally scored a deal with a new vanity top. An amazing $170 (on sale!) for a solid surface top with integrated sink from Lowe’s. Simple. White. Easy to clean… perfect.


I gave the cabinet a sanding. removed all the doors and hardware, and spent 3 days applying a coat of primer and THREE coats of midnight blue paint… I’ll show you how that turned out in two shakes…


We also replaced floors. With Allure’s vinyl plank flooring in a light cork. Clean and simple and neutral. Here is the first row going in…


And, BOOM! There is the shower, or… was the shower. And yes, it felt that fast with Bath Solutions. And at this point, you may find yourself thinking “are you sure you’ll be done today?” … And, yes they will.


Because then suddenly, it looked like this…


And, before you knew it… this. Watching that first panel of faux subway tile go up, was pretty exciting.


In one day. It went from hate it, to love it! Um, like Oprah “loooooooooooove iiiiiiiiit!!” You know how the old school surrounds were always kinda… beige? This is white. Truly white and bright and clean. And FULL HEIGHT people!



The best. I have wandered into the bathroom and flicked on the light… just to look. Just enjoy that it’s there. Sure beats keeping the bathroom door closed.

Paint colour was pretty important for us too. I found the perfect soft white, Martha Stewart’s “Popcorn” – MSL254. And accented it with “Wrought Iron” – MSL168, on the cabinet, which matched the dark blue in the shower curtain.

The cork flooring was the perfect neutral backdrop.


Bada bing bada boom, we pull the colours from that gorgeous Kate Spade Shower Curtain, add a couple pink accents, found some midnight blue hand towels. And that trusty Jonathan Adler soap pump we found years ago in NYC, fits in perfect.


Good ol’ Superstore comes through with that HUGE mirror for a whopping $39. And we finally get some bright light shining with a simple 3-bulb light from Lowe’s.


Yep, people, it’s fantastic. It went from such a headache to so pretty, and more importantly, everything is easy. Just wipes up. So simple. Everything in life should be this good.

And… Kiddo Approved! Making faces, and adding the maximum amount of barrettes…


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Main Bath Upgrade

Yep, opened up a big ol’ can of worms for the new year. The main bath is functioning but it needs some upgrading. A little love, a little personality — without a huge cost. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with beautiful fixtures and glass tiles and quartz this or that… but, reality is, we need function for an entire family of 3 (hopefully of 4 someday soon).

It needs to get messy and cleaned up fast and easy. It needs to take a beating, and keep shining. And if something goes wrong or gets broken… we want to be able to replace it at a reasonable price. So, it will be repurposing, big box stores, no custom anything, and definitely DIY.


At first glance, not so bad right? But at closer inspection, the sink is marked up, seal is grubby, the faucet and light fixture aren’t our style, the counter is stained, the mirror is damaged and old.


About the only thing staying put is the shower curtain, I fell in love with that one when I bought it, and it’s great for pulling paint colours. But, if it’s flagged, it’s changing. Paint, lights, knobs, everything down to the light switches. The cabinet is staying, but it’s getting a paint update… excited about that one!


Floor is going too. Remember the foyer? The same old lino was in the bathroom, and we found an affordable faux cork lino, that will update it quite nicely without breaking the budget.

And, the old tub and tub surround? It’s water stained (tends to happen with well water), it was lined with MDF footboard moulding, and has just seen better days. It will need an update and it’s going to go…


Or, should I say, it’s already gone! DONE! Get outta here!


Can. Of. Worms. Wish us luck!



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