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Fill up those Gallery Walls! Easy tricks to affordable art.

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Reclaimed Wood Wall

Look at this face... it's a happy face. Recently, we had the opportunity to save some vintage barn board. We ...
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Foyer Before and After Makeover

Good morning my lovelies. I'm so glad you're here. Have I told you how much I appreciate you lately? Well, ...
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Vintage Camping Trailer

If you've been following along, you know this Vintage Camping Trailer project has been around for a few Summer seasons. It ...
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How to Stuff your Sofa Cushions

I believe there are a lot of "sad sofas" out there. Mine was one of them. Most disappointing though? We're ...
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Upgrade a Ceiling Light with a Drum Shade

I have a thing for these lights... getting rid of them that is. Over the years, I've had a few ...
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DIY Purse Organizer

If you're like me, maybe you have a purse or two of the slouchy variety? You know, that bag that ...
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