Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway

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This is by far, the largest event Fresh Crush has been involved in — and I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this with you today! There are 25, count ‘em, TWENTY-FIVE bloggers, that have joined forces to give our readers a massive Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway! That means you have 25 chances to get your hands on some pretty impressive prizes…

** Don’t miss my GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!!**

So, let’s get started! Here is my list of favourite things for all the lovely friends and family on your list this year. Happy Holiday Shopping!


1 > Ferm Living Lovebirds Tea Towel is 100% cotton, and 100% adorable!

2 > This gorgeous Limited Edition Photography, Nature Print, by Teresa Bolinski Photography is the perfect addition to add a little warmth to any room. So beautiful!

3 > Love these Olli & Lime Triangle Decals, they are so whimsical and not a lot of commitment.

4 > The Revolution Design House Boxcar Single is handcrafted in Portland, and adds a little artsy flare to your potted plants.


5 > A Cashmere Feel Infinity Scarf, in Bold Orange/Red, by Sweet Jolie Yep, it’s as soft as it looks, and even more gorgeous in person.

6 > I have super dry skin in the winter, and for me, mineral makeup is the way to go. You can build your coverage without all the weight, and the blush colours are always so pretty. purminerals Starter Kit

7 > By far, Clinique Lash Power Mascara is my go-to, most favourite mascara. It is waterproof, but incredibly easy to remove. Just a little warm water is all you need. No more tugging or extra makeup remover!

8 > I NEED this Clinique Superprimer, especially through the winter. It takes the work out of applying your makeup when the weather isn’t cooperating.

9 > Oh my goodness, you guys! When I put these, Grace & Lace, Alpine Thigh High, Legwarmer by Sweet Jolie on for the first time, there was no getting me out of them. Cozy, does not begin to describe how I feel about these beauties. And, they look great under tall boots too! Bonus!

10 > These Leather and Copper Loop Earrings, by Brick Bubble are amazing. Leather and Copper, people! What more do we need?


11 > Delonghi Espresso Machine. Because I want coffee, nay, espresso in my life. Every morning. Without getting out of my Candy Cane PJ’s.

12 > I think the Joseph Joseph Washing Bowl is the answer to my, single-basin style, kitchen sink needs. For those times when you don’t need a full sink of water or need an extra place to dry? Amazing.

13 > KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Um, because it’s a KitchenAid Stand Mixer! They come in so many colours, the yellow is my fav. They are awesome… and, it will help make awesome baked things.

14 > And, how about give the house chef a license to treat themselves to coffee they did not buy, or have to make themselves? The Starbucks eGift Card, is an easy-peasy way to treat all your loved ones.


15 > This Black & Decker Mouse Sander is my little buddy. Trustworthy, works hard, and he’s affordable. The must have for any hobbyist.

16 > OK, so the Vera Bradley Phone Case, isn’t exactly a “tool”, but it protects the number one tool, that most of us carry around with us, 24/7. Why not personalize your phone a little with something that suits your personality?

17 > I’m still learning of all the possibilities that my Dremel Rotary Tool, is capable of. My last project involved removing wax and old stain off curvy, delicate and intricate furniture moulding. This handled the job like a pro.

18 > And, if you’re getting the Dremel Rotary Tool, you might as well grab a Dremel Accessory Kit, while you’re at it!

the-giver19 > If you’re a bit of a paper nerd, like me, you’ll appreciate a pretty gift wrap when you see one. This Birch Perch Gift Wrap, fits the bill, and we can enjoy creating those, crisp folded corners, just that much more.

20 > Washi Tape meet Kraft paper. Kraft paper, Washi tape. A perfect pairing for unique wrapping creations.

21 > These Wooden Christmas Gift Tags, by Brick Bubble are designed in-house, and will be the cherry-on-top, all of those gorgeous gifts under the tree this year!

22 > Kraft Paper Takeaway Gift Boxes are so cute, and make amazing Christmas Cookie Sharing boxes! They also go well with washi tape. What more do you need?


Some of these favourite things are part of a giveaway, for you! Ya, you! The cashmere feel, infinity scarf and the Grace & Lace leg warmers are up for grabs courtesy of Sweet {Jolie}. Brick Bubble has offered up those amazing leather and copper earrings along with 3 wooden gift tags. And, T.Bolinski Photography has created a custom matted, art print, of that gorgeous, forest scene.

WIN ME - Fresh Crush [dot] com - Holiday Giveaway

^Enter to win THIS incredible prize pack^, by filling out the entry form at the bottom of this post — there are lots of chances for extra entries! (Contest open to the Continental United States, and Canada).

But that’s not all… I’m not the only one passing along some Holiday Gifty Goodness… 24 more amazing ladies are in on the act, so make sure you give their blogs a visit, and don’t miss entering ALL of these incredible giveaways! Each giveaway is open for a week, so you’ve still got a shot at being a “winner winner, chicken dinner!” *Psst – Fridays giveaways get started on (you guessed it), Friday. But, don’t forget to go all the way back to Monday’s Giveaways and get entered!! That’s 25 chances to win!!


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MCM Dresser Rescue

Mmm… kay. I have issues. Namely dresser issues. And, if it’s mid-century and in distress… then, I’m toast.

I can’t help myself. I KNOW I’m running out of room to put dressers in my home. But, I continue to enter second-hand stores, and I continue to rescue these poor, forgotten wardrobes.

And, here’s another. (An American of Martinsville piece… any furniture nerds out there, know a little about this guy)?


He was so rough, but pretty. Every single drawer slide was a crumpled hunk of scrap metal. Nothing was gliding or sliding. The drawers were in a heap, and some of the hardware was falling off. But, I had a feeling — even though this guy didn’t “show” very well, I could bring him back to life. So I took a chance. Paid my $60, and took him home.


Ouch. See what I mean? All of the slides were broken, with these gouged up shards of metal, from all the abuse. Poor dresser.


Not to mention all the slides and hardware looked like they had a previous repair attempt, with a bunch of hardened goop. No screws… just goop.


The goop was everywhere. But, when I removed all of the broken drawer slides, I was sure that was the biggest issue. So, if I could find the right replacements, I’d be golden.


And I did, for a little under $30, I found 6 new wooden slide rails, and 6 new plastic drawer hangers.


The only trick was the new hangers, were a little wider than what was previously there. So, a little customization was in order. Dremel to the rescue! In a few minutes, I had all 6 drawers ready to go.


The new drawer hangers fit perfectly.old-rails

And I was ready to trash the old, rusty, bent-up, metal scraps!


The new drawer slides just needed a little trim, and I was able to use the old metal ones as my template. Easy peasy.


Some pre-drilled screw holes prevented the wood from splitting before screwing them into place on the dresser frame.


Ahhh! Look at that! Already so much better. Sturdy, clean, and no deadly, pokey metal pieces, to hurt myself on… win-win.


A couple new screws fixed up my droopy hardware situation too… And, there it is! What a handsome devil. See? It just needed a little love, and an appreciative eye.hardware-detail

I mean, get outta town… look at that hardware?!

All problems solved.

Oh… except for when I look at the horrible room this new handsome boy is living in. It’s supposed to be a future nursery… but it’s currently a junk storage room.

How many extra lamps does one family need anyway!!? Well, let’s count ‘em…


Oh, we’re not done… that was just the left side… let’s just peer over to the right side of the room…


Oh, two more… FOUR LAMPS! Yep… Totally reasonable. Who’s with me?!!

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9 Easy Handmade Gifts for Him

Anyone out there have a special guy in your life that you have trouble shopping for? Is another check shirt just not going to cut it this year? Channel your inner child, and get crafty!

I’ve scoured the big bad web in search of a few unique, and thoughtful gifts to suit a wide range of guys (or anyone, really), without ignoring our oh-so-charming, DIY sensibilities.

DIY - 9 Easy Handmade Gifts for Him

Check out these fab ‘Easy Handmade Gifts for Him’, and all the instructions you need, on these fantastic blogs!  (From top left):

cement coasters / DIY projector / custom trail mix /
hot chocolate spoonscoffee grounds soapgadget case /
car kitdiy canvas printsjumbo jenga

I think I have “A Daily Something’s” – cement coasters and the “Interiors by Kenz‘s” – jumbo jenga in my future… coasters for me… jenga for him… win-win.

What I love most about all of these ideas are they are TOTALLY customizable! Use your own colours, your own moulds, your own flavours and choices, and you’ve got exactly what you need. The only thing left? Some DIY wrapping paper?!

Happy crafting, my lovelies! Do YOU have a handmade gift plan this year? Share, share!

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Pondering the Fireplace Mantel

You know what is around the corner… Nope, not going to say it, not yet. But I would LOVE to finally have our mantel installed for the holidays occasion.

So far — our first year and a half, the fireplace has looked about. like. this…

red brick fireplace

But, I’ve got some fireplace mantel ideas…  let’s take a look!

living room with red brick fireplace

I’ve gone through a bunch of furniture arrangements, but on this day, the living room looked like this.

living room with red brick fireplace

Just for kicks, here’s the view from our dining area.

Ok, so you’ve got the vibe of how things have been going, and you can see the fireplace is a MAJOR part of the room, and it’s a bit bossy. Big and red and brick.

living room with red brick fireplace

But… I don’t mind it. I know painting out the seventies brick is a popular thing to do, but I’m thinking I want to save mine… but just tamper it a little bit.

That’s where a new mantel comes in.

christmas brick fireplace

This is about all I managed to do last Christmas, the last time I felt festive. I gotta say… brick is amazing for holding cards and photos — pretty handy.

red brick fireplace with brass insert

Alright. So, pretty much a blank slate right? We do have our new mantel. Well, its not new, but it was never used. Can you believe we scored a custom, all wood, hand-crafted mantel for $80? Yes. That happened. And, that only happens when you have a neighbour who happens to be a custom cabinet maker, and wood-worker, that built a custom mantel for a customer that never picked it up, and he’s moving across the country. Who doesn’t want to move a few thousand kilometres with a 50 pound mantel, right? … We got lucky. Reeeeally lucky.

red brick fireplace makeover

Thank you Photoshop for letting me test out what’s rattling around in my little noodle. So, our new mantel would run the width of the brick, pretty close to this mock-up.  Then, I thought we could build our own “supports” running vertically to the mantel, possibly with some raised decorative moulding?

Next, to help the fireplace look a little more modern and help the brick look a little less disco, I’d like to try something like Rustoleum’s High Heat Paint, on the brass fireplace insert.

red brick fireplace makeover

Brass to Black. I’m also wondering if we should maybe paint or white-wash the bricks on the inner portion of the new mantel and moulding? Hmmm…

red brick fireplace makeover

Oh! And we need to address the tile on the hearth. I don’t think it was installed very well, it’s bumpy and chipped… new tile possibly? We’ll rip off what’s there and see… I think it might be cement underneath it all.. maybe we can work with it?! OK — getting excited guys! Maybe… just maybe, it’ll be up before the new year! What do you think?!

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa!


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Fresh Crush Custom Stamp

Blogging is fun, but making connections and meeting other creatives makes it all — so. much. better. It’s amazing. Lately, I’ve found the need for a business card… but, just here and there. No need to have a big order of cards sitting around. Especially with how often I’ve been known to change my mind about colours and designs and all that fun stuff.

Enter a custom rubber stamp.



Awesome! Ok — but let’s back up for a minute. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, I was snooping around on Etsy for something just like this — but then, I found an amazing custom stamp shop (Brick Bubble) on Instagram… and here’s the crazy part — she’s pretty much my neighbour. What are the chances?!


So now I can print stamp as many as I want! My first kick at the can was teal-blue ink and the heaviest weight of Kraft paper/cardboard, paper I could find. This stuff “plunks” when I set it down on a table. Peeerfect!

Pretty awesome right? Go check out Brick Bubble and get your own! And, did you notice those little logos on my fancy new card? Social Media! I’m there! Find me on… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  /freshcrush.

What do you think? Would you use a stamp in lieu of a printed business card?


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